Friday, February 24, 2017

Exceptional Writing

The homework task for last week was to write a narrative story from a character's point of view. The ideas that the students came up with were outstanding. So outstanding that they needed to be shared! Take a look at how awesome these pieces of writing are!

The writing prompt

Ben's Writing
Kayley's Writing
Lucy A's Writing
Maika's Writing
Sanah's Writing
Sonia's Writing
Seren's Writing
Xavier's Writing
Lucy B's writing
Ashleigh's Writing

Week 3 & 4

We have had such a busy couple weeks!

One of our accomplishments from Week Three is our Symmetrical Name Monsters! This worked in nicely with our Geometry focus.The end results are spectacular and the children feel very proud of their work. Take a look at the pictures and see whose name you can spot!

We learnt a new game during Tui Team sports time on Friday. J-ball is a super fun game that involves getting the ball over the rugby posts and the opposite team have to catch the ball or they are out. This results in players getting out rather quickly due to not catching the ball. The first team to get all the other team's player's out, wins. Here are some pictures from our first game. It will not be our last though!

House spirit day
Friday marked the first house event for the year. It was so neat to see everyone from Room15 get so involved in dressing up in their house colours and also proudly shouting their house chat. After lunch, we met up with our houses and played some games until it was time for the house chant and walk around the school. What an awesome day! 

Mathletes of the week
Well done to the mathletes of the week. You have worked very hard this week! Keep up the great work.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Week two

What a busy week Room 15 had! We achieved so much in four days and are so proud of what we accomplished.

Wednesday marked our first Hockey session with Counties Manukau. We had such a great time and enjoyed refreshing our skills alongside working as a team. Check out some of our action shots!

Buddy class
We were so excited to meet our buddy class, K2M on Friday. We introduced ourselves and got straight into working together. We had so much fun completing a PB4L scavenger hunt around the school! 

Self Portraits
What a talented bunch of artists Room 15 are! We looked into a range of techniques such as shading, blending, and using light and dark lines for effect. We sketched self-portraits of ourselves using half of our faces to reflect the other side! This also translated nicely to our geometry that we have begun to revisit. 

Mathletic Champions
Well done to all the students in Room 15 who worked hard at their Mathletics this week. A good number you reached or exceeded 1,500 points, which is the expected minimum number of points students should be achieving each week. Special congratulations to the top three Mathletes who are listed below!

Friday, February 3, 2017

Getting to know Room 15 - Our first week

We had such an awesome first week back for Term one!
We spent our time getting to know each other, our routines and requirements, our classroom environment and also Miss Koppier.

One highlight was the "find your partner" game where we had to use our questioning skills to find the partner that matched our own. Some partners included Batman - Robin, Shrek - Fiona and salt - pepper.

We also got stuck into writing by writing about our summer holidays. Check out how cool these look! Room 15 did a spectacular job!

We have been working really hard on several art pieces which we cannot wait to finish and display around the classroom. Watch this space for pictures of our completed creations!