Friday, February 10, 2017

Week two

What a busy week Room 15 had! We achieved so much in four days and are so proud of what we accomplished.

Wednesday marked our first Hockey session with Counties Manukau. We had such a great time and enjoyed refreshing our skills alongside working as a team. Check out some of our action shots!

Buddy class
We were so excited to meet our buddy class, K2M on Friday. We introduced ourselves and got straight into working together. We had so much fun completing a PB4L scavenger hunt around the school! 

Self Portraits
What a talented bunch of artists Room 15 are! We looked into a range of techniques such as shading, blending, and using light and dark lines for effect. We sketched self-portraits of ourselves using half of our faces to reflect the other side! This also translated nicely to our geometry that we have begun to revisit. 

Mathletic Champions
Well done to all the students in Room 15 who worked hard at their Mathletics this week. A good number you reached or exceeded 1,500 points, which is the expected minimum number of points students should be achieving each week. Special congratulations to the top three Mathletes who are listed below!


  1. What fabulous Mathletes! Who can beat them next week?
    Ms Fothergill

  2. LOVE the self portraits! What a cool idea..looks like you have a great bunch of artists in your class Miss K, as well as Mathletes :)

  3. what a big bunch of smart year 5's