Friday, May 12, 2017

Week two - By Coraleigh

Week 2 started with Ben sharing some wool from his grandparents. Sheeps wool is very delicate. It is as light as holding a cloud but fluffier. Here is a photo of Ben holding some wool.

Cool right?. It was nice of Ben to bring some wool in to share with us.

Last week we started doing tennis. The class has done well for the first 2 days. Ben and Oscar came down to help us learn. We did a few relay challenges.
Here are some photo’s of room 15 learning tennis with Ben and Oscar. IMG_0641.JPGIMG_0634.JPGIMG_0636.JPG

On Thursday Cayden got a Special certificate from Mrs Cowan for demonstrating all of the A, B, C and D from signal Sam. Here is a photo of Cayden with his certificate.


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