Friday, May 5, 2017

Welcome back to Term Two!

Welcome back to term Two! I hope you had a relaxing break and you're ready to get into some action packed learning!
We have had such an awesome start to Term Two. The attitude and contribution to the daily program is really impressive. Keep it up Room 15! 

Tuesday marked our first Tennis session for the term. We are so lucky to have experts come to school and teach us the skills and rules around these fun sports! We found some of the co-ordination tasks a little tricky but we had fun nonetheless and we are only getting better! Check out of pics of our first session. 

Teamwork and working together is a really important part of the Room 15 culture. We were given the challenge to work in groups of four to create the tallest AND strongest tower using only 100 straws, sellotape and had 30 minutes. The catch was, it needed to support/hold a ball. This activity was really cool and we had so much fun. Teamwork was an important aspect of this task as we needed all hands on deck to design and create the tower. Take a look at our photos.

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